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  • Date: 5-Oct-1998

    I'm sorry I haven't done anything with this thing for so long. I've graduated (I think...) but I'm now working full time for my school and have little time to work on it. I'm still kinda interested in taking this thing further, and I've gotten the occasional mail from someone that has looked into it. As far as I'm concerned if one person learns/does something cool because of this stuff I'll be happy... Anyways, as far as whats happening with this thing, I've stopped in the middle of a reorganization in order to allow for persistent objects. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems is that I still need to make more gadgets (textbox, a better string gadget, whatever...) and those take time, which is why I've put them off for so long... Ah well...
  • Date: 11-Jan-1998

    I fixed some of the HTML code in the pages, they should look right on voyager now. Theres some more bugfixes and changes in the classes, but nothing earth shattering. Drag & Drop deadlocks have been fixed also (thx to caldi). I wrote some stuff on the gadgets page but not a lot of anything really. There is also a new preview program called picview. Just run picview from the commandline with a picture name (the included one is from the Abyss demo group, taken without permission) and it will display it in a window.

    Updated files

  • Date: 3-Jan-1998

    whoops. Due to my total incompetence I accidentally put the glyph directory inside of the src archive instead of the bin archive, so if you tried to run it it prolly crashed pretty fast. I fixed this and I also fixed some other problems. Also you need to set the stack to something high otherwise it will crash on exit. I also made an installer script but it needs the latest all_cl.lha. Heres a list of the updated files so you don't have to grab all_cl.lha again.
  • Date: 31-Dec-1997

    I Actually did something and uploaded all of the latest versions of the classes. And uploaded these pages.

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