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B e t t y

I n t r o d u c t i o n

Betty is a new GUI system for the Amiga based on the BOOPSI system. Obviously, other GUI systems are already available and somewhat established so you might be wondering why we need another one. Well, Betty offers some things that other systems don't and I am hoping that these things will bring some developers and users to the system. The features that I'm speaking of are:
  • Completely free to users and developers
  • Complete source code is available
  • Object Tracking
  • System Classes (eg. msgport, message, iorequest, etc...)
  • Thread management library
  • Automated event handler
  • Components (soon)
  • Persistent objects (soon)
And, of course, it contains the usual set of gadgets for interfaces. I'm also trying to put more color into the Amiga's interface, the old four color scheme is tired and I believe the interface should be a piece of art. If you'd like to see something that gets extremely close to this dream then surf over to the Enlightenment homepage for an example of what a good interface can look like.

Thanks for checking out this page, if you'd like to see more of the system then take a peek at some of the screen shots or download the current demo program (OS 3.x) to see it first hand.

Tim Stack

ps. The reason its called Betty is pretty lame, just chop off the 'si' in BOOPSI and you get Betty Boop.

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