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There are a number of classes ranging from the gadgets listed here to system classes like msgports and device messages. I just list the gadgets here since the others aren't of as much interest.

Class: bbbuttongadget - A simple button gadget which supports toggle, hierarchical menus and drag & drop.

Class: bbcyclegadget - A cycle gadget which can also be a pull-down gadget.

Class: bbpropgadget - A prop gadget just like the standard one.

Class: bbhotspotgadget - A group gadget which plays various roles. It will do clipping for all of the gadgets added to it (the children) and also put up help bubbles and any context menus attached to the gadgets.

Class: bbdragbargadget - A drag bar gadget for windows. This one draws a colored gradient instead a straight solid color.

Class: bbupdowngadget - A gadget meant to be paired with number string gadgets. It looks suspiciously like the ClassAct one.

Class: bbitemlistgadget - A list view gadget which can be used for a lot of stuff. The gadget can behave in a number of different ways.

Class: bblayoutgadget - A general layout gadget which works like a lot of the other ones out there.

Class: bbscrollgroupgadget - A more specialized layout gadget which puts scroll bar(s) and arrow buttons around some other gadget (listview, hotspot, etc...).

Class: bbstringgadget - A string gadget.

Class: bbtabsgadget - A gadget that implements page tabs, it needs to be linked to a hotspot to make it actually switch pages of gadgets.

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