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  • AmigaOS 3.1
  • 020+
  • A few megs of RAM/HD space
  • You also need to set the stack space to something high (20000) otherwise it will crash on exit


I made an Installer file so it should make it a little easier to install this thing. Put it wherever but make sure that all_cl.lha and all of the library archives are in the same directory since it needs them. Just run it and it will ask you for a directory where it should create the Betty directory and underneath that it will create 'classes' and other things. It will also add some stuff to your s:user-startup but the install script will set up the assigns and run the classerver and errorserver so its not required to have it add the stuff or restart.
Download it here. (NB: its just a text file so shift-download it)

Extra Libs/Programs

You need to grab these in order to run anything. When you get them you need to copy the *.map files in classerv to your s: directory and then run errorserver and classerver.
classerv_lib.lha                   18285 bytes  A program/library to take care of classes
errorserv_lib.lha                  15973 bytes  A program/link library for error notification
handlers_lib.lha                   14990 bytes  A library used for event-handling/thread management
openlib_lib.lha                     1781 bytes

Source for the above files.
classerv_src.lha                   10540 bytes  
errorserv_src.lha                   6782 bytes  
handlers_src.lha                   10051 bytes  
openlib_src.lha                     1676 bytes

The Classes

Download all_cl.lha to get all of the classes or you can get the individual ones too. Make a dir called classes somewhere and un-lha the archive in there, and then assign libs: to the classes dir you made. You can find the demo program (usemyic) in each class directory and you can run preview/demo or preview/preview to see a nice demo of some of the classes working together.
all_cl.lha                        633119 bytes  
bitmapimage_cl.lha                 14220 bytes  An image class for bitmaps
button_cl.lha                      14675 bytes  A button gadget
cycle_cl.lha                       16034 bytes  A cycle gadget
devicemsgport_cl.lha                7412 bytes  A msgport class for use with devices
dragbar_cl.lha                      9413 bytes  The dragbar gadget in a window
drawinfo_cl.lha                    10906 bytes  A DrawInfo class
extras_bin.lha                      6922 bytes  
fileimage_cl.lha                   14691 bytes  An image class which gets the image from a file
filelistitem_cl.lha                11676 bytes  An item class which draws file attributes
fillrect_cl.lha                     8872 bytes  A fillrect image class
frame_cl.lha                        7162 bytes  A frame image class
gagdet_cl.lha                      20415 bytes  The gadget base class
gaugeimage_cl.lha                  10334 bytes  A fuel gauge image class
glyphimage_cl.lha                   9531 bytes  A glyph image class
helpbubble_cl.lha                   9996 bytes  A class to display help bubbles
hotspot_cl.lha                     32288 bytes  A group gadget
imagetextitem_cl.lha                9713 bytes  A text item which can display an image too
image_cl.lha                        3948 bytes  The image base class
interconnect_cl.lha                 8825 bytes  An object which forwards OM_UPDATEs
iorequest_cl.lha                    3630 bytes  A class to implement iorequest messages
iostdrequest_cl.lha                 3504 bytes  A class that implements iostdrequest messages
itemlist_cl.lha                    20674 bytes  List view gadget
item_cl.lha                        12056 bytes  The item base class
layout_cl.lha                      19211 bytes  A layout gadget
message_cl.lha                      3191 bytes  The message base class
model_cl.lha                        9172 bytes  Forwards OM_UPDATEs to multiple targets
msgport_cl.lha                      9258 bytes  Implements exec msgports
multicolumntextitem_cl.lha         11010 bytes  An item that can display multiple columns of text
nextmenuitem_cl.lha                 9908 bytes  
nextmenu_cl.lha                    13099 bytes  
objectlist_cl.lha                   3898 bytes  A regular exec list meant for use with objects
pencache_cl.lha                    10088 bytes  A class for tracking pen allocations
placer_cl.lha                      13055 bytes  A gadget used for visual placement and sizing
popmenu_cl.lha                      3891 bytes  Implements popup menus
preview.lha                        75007 bytes  A set of preview apps
prop_cl.lha                        13659 bytes  A prop gadget
rootpopmenu_cl.lha                 12223 bytes  An interim class used to implement popup menus
root_cl.lha                         6392 bytes  The modified root class
scrollgroup_cl.lha                 12374 bytes  A specialized layout gadget which puts scroll bars around another gadget
separatoritem_cl.lha                9174 bytes  An item which draws a visual separator
serialiorequest_cl.lha              9127 bytes  A class that implements serialiorequest message
sharedmsgport_cl.lha               10115 bytes  Implements sharedmsgports as introduced in handlers.library
sharedobjectlist_cl.lha             3373 bytes  An object list which can be shared across tasks
string_cl.lha                      19133 bytes  
tabs_cl.lha                        14099 bytes  An implementation of page tabs
tabtextitem_cl.lha                  9459 bytes  An item which draws the actual tabs
textitem_cl.lha                    10067 bytes  An item which draws text
timeriorequest_cl.lha               8782 bytes  A class that implements timeriorequest messages
updown_cl.lha                      11461 bytes  A gadget with up/down arrows
window_cl.lha                      16009 bytes  A window encapsulation class

The source for all of the classes.
all_src.lha                       458849 bytes  
bitmapimage_src.lha                 9057 bytes  
button_src.lha                     10549 bytes  
cycle_src.lha                      13017 bytes  
devicemsgport_src.lha               8351 bytes  
dragbar_src.lha                     8869 bytes  
drawinfo_src.lha                    9124 bytes  
extras_src.lha                     18867 bytes  
fileimage_src.lha                   7668 bytes  
filelistitem_src.lha                7636 bytes  
fillrect_src.lha                    5935 bytes  
frame_src.lha                       6701 bytes  
gagdet_src.lha                     20623 bytes  
gaugeimage_src.lha                  7392 bytes  
glyphimage_src.lha                  6560 bytes  
helpbubble_src.lha                  7573 bytes  
hotspot_src.lha                    25366 bytes  
imagetextitem_src.lha               6851 bytes  
image_src.lha                       5653 bytes  
interconnect_src.lha                6508 bytes  
iorequest_src.lha                   5431 bytes  
iostdrequest_src.lha                5318 bytes  
itemlist_src.lha                   19643 bytes  
item_src.lha                        9176 bytes  
layout_src.lha                     17063 bytes  
message_src.lha                     4982 bytes  
model_src.lha                       6637 bytes  
msgport_src.lha                     6760 bytes  
multicolumntextitem_src.lha         8154 bytes  
nextmenuitem_src.lha                6983 bytes  
nextmenu_src.lha                    9707 bytes  
objectlist_src.lha                  6002 bytes  
pencache_src.lha                    8151 bytes  
placer_src.lha                      9116 bytes  
popmenu_src.lha                     6175 bytes  
preview_src.lha                    10660 bytes  
prop_src.lha                        9517 bytes  
rootpopmenu_src.lha                 8361 bytes  
root_src.lha                        9166 bytes  
scrollgroup_src.lha                 7930 bytes  
semaphore_src.lha                    162 bytes  
separatoritem_src.lha               6216 bytes  
serialiorequest_src.lha             6291 bytes  
sharedmsgport_src.lha               6241 bytes  
sharedobjectlist_src.lha            5272 bytes  
string_src.lha                     12564 bytes  
tabs_src.lha                        9814 bytes  
tabtextitem_src.lha                 6595 bytes  
textitem_src.lha                    7150 bytes  
timeriorequest_src.lha              5785 bytes  
updown_src.lha                      7942 bytes  
window_src.lha                     17635 bytes

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