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A b o u t T h e s e P a g e s

These pages were created on an Amiga and a Bebox with the help of some great programs.
  • HSC (Be/Amiga) by Thomas Aglassinger was used to make all of the pages and has made my life a lot easier since straight html is a pain to use.
  • ImageFX (Amiga) was used to do all sorts of image manipulation and file conversions.
  • Giftool (Be) was used to convert the gif's and make them interlaced, transparent, and give them a more optimized palette
  • Netpositive (Be) is a great browser on the Bebox which I use because its just so much faster than the Amiga ones and produces better output (usually)
  • TVPaint Junior (Amiga) came with my Picasso and has become a great tool for drawing/editing graphics in 24 bit.
  • BlacksEditor/BeIDE are some nice editors used for used to write all the html.
  • roColour (Be) is great for picking colors and produces HTML color numbers.
My thanks to the authors of the programs.

This was all made possible by Pearl Jam, The Chemical Brothers, No Doubt, Skittles, The Prodigy, Sugar Ray, The Simpsons, The X-Files, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
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