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There is still quite a bit of work that needs to be done at the moment. The current version on here is still buggy and unfinished but hopefully I can put the finishing touches on a lot of the stuff real soon.

High Priority Goals

  • Write a storage library and write in persistent object code.
  • Finish Drag & Drop methods for all applicable gadgets, currently only the buttons have D&D working.
  • Write more documents and tutorials.
  • Nail down the API for the whole system.
  • Write a text field gadget.
  • Move these pages to another site since I will hopefully be graduating soon.
  • Write a palette gadget
  • Write a GUI editor
  • Fix Bugs.

Low Priority Goals

  • Write some more specialized gadgets like Checkboxes and Radio buttons, currently you have to use a list view or buttons to implement them.
  • Write some more specialized layout gadgets.
  • Write more components like memorygauge/diskgauge and refine the interface for them.
  • Fix Bugs

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