Changes to Climb Data

Fri May 24 17:40:20 MST 1996
Fill in some text for the Shoreline Trail and reflect my recent success on ``Roller Coaster.''
Wed Nov 22 23:09:10 MST 1995
Put in some descriptive text for ``Roller Coaster'' based on my latest futile attempt to conquer the first drop. Added placeholders for some Sandy and Draper rides. Put an ``under construction'' icon in.
Mon Jul 3 22:43:40 MDT 1995
Massive overhaul of mountain bike pages. New format with indexing to skip around more easily. Improved Red Butte Trail page, new page for Medical Center Trail, stub pages for ``U'' Trail, Shoreline Trail, and ``Roller Coaster''.
Sat Jun 25 00:00:00 MDT 1995
Split real mountain bike rides into their own page. That page includes Perrys Hollow, and some partial new pages for the Red Butte loop, and the Little Mountain/Killyon Canyon loop.
Fri Mar 17 00:00:00 MDT 1995
Add page for Perrys Hollow. This page includes the route marked on a section of the topo map!
Sun Sep 25 21:03:24 MDT 1994
Add page for the North Fork of Provo Canyon.
Wed Sep 21 23:20:33 MDT 1994
Add new page for Big Cottonwood to Guardsman Pass. Reflected change in the old Big Cottonwood page. Drop the seperate Guardsman Pass. page. Correct the record time for the Snowbird Hillclimb.
Sun Jul 31 22:27:46 MDT 1994
Add Guardsman Pass.
Tue Jul 26 17:04:53 MDT 1994
Add some details about Lambs based on yesterdays ride. Add a legend for the balls in the home page.
Sat Jul 23 17:50:51 MDT 1994
Refine Millcreek based on todays ride.
Fri Jul 22 10:04:44 MDT 1994
Added Lambs Canyon entry.
Thu Jul 21 23:05:28 MDT 1994
Added Parleys Canyon entry.
Tue Jul 19 23:00:55 MDT 1994
Replotted City Creek data based on more careful measurements of distance on my last ride. The two big downgrades are now in the correct spots.

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