Guardsman Pass from Big Cottonwood

Elevation Profile


Measured from the turn-off just below Brighton in Big Cottonwood to the pass, its not a very long climb. You can always start 3 or 4 miles down Big Cottonwood (e.g. the Spruces) to make it more interesting, or start at the mouth of the canyon to make it really nasty. The pavement ends about 2.4 miles up and the road gets pretty rocky (though hard-packed) so this is no road bike ride. From the turn-off to the pass is 3.1 miles and 1070 vertical feet.

Measured Road Distances

Miles   Elev.  Landmark          Latitude, Longitude
0.0     8630   Turn-off
0.9     8910   Gate
2.4     9330   Pavement ends
2.7     9480   Pavement starts
2.8     9520   Pavement ends
3.1     9700   Pass

Mike Hibler <>