Wasatch Front Canyon Climbs

I like to ride up the local canyons on my mountain bike and eventually got interested in seeing how the various canyons compare. So, I got out the old topo maps, a pencil, a ruler, and a six-pack of beer and started measuring distance vs. elevation alongs the roads. The original version wound up in data files for xgraph since that is what I knew. Since then I have started using gnuplot. (so I can put arrows and labels in my graphs!)

This year I have also started riding off-road much more so there is now a page for real mountain bike rides!

There are a number of sources of error in the current data. There are also a couple of future directions I might explore.

The Canyons ( "U" = Unknown, "E" = Easy, "M" = Moderate, "B" = Hard )

E: City Creek
E: Emigration
U: Parleys (I-80)
M: Mt. Dell (Big Mountain)
M: Lambs
M: Millcreek
M: Big Cottonwood (to Brighton)
B: Big Cottonwood (to Guardsman Pass)
B: Little Cottonwood
M: American Fork
M: Provo Canyon (North Fork)


-: Composite graph of all the canyons
B: Snowbird Hillclimb (Little Cottonwood)

Mike Hibler <mike@cs.utah.edu>
Last modified Sat Jun 24 1995