Little Cottonwood Canyon

Elevation Profile


Brutal. 8.5 miles of relentless climb with no shade and the constant aroma of overheating radiators and tortured brake pads from passing cars. The hardest part is a 1.5 mile stretch ending just beyond the Tanner Flat campground. It eases up slightly before the final climb past Snowbird and up to the Alta parking lot where the pavement ends. From the light sign to the end of the pavement is 8.5 miles and 3480 vertical feet.

If you are a real masochist you can keep on going up the dirt road to the Albion Basin campground!

My P.R. is 78:00. (14:00 down!)

Road Distances

0.0 Light sign
1.9 Old power plant
4.3 Tanner Flat Campground turn off
6.0 Snowbird entry #1
6.4 Snowbird entry #2 (Hillclimb finish)
6.6 Snowbird entry #3
6.9 Snowbird entry #4
7.7 Alta Peruvian Lodge
8.5 End of pavement

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