At the very least I want to be able to generate the current profiles on demand. Currently I generate plots to my screen and then capture them and save them as GIF images with xv. It would be nice to be able to choose one or more canyons to display as well as select feet vs. meters vs. miles, etc. I could probably do this now with a cgi-bin script if you let me put windows up on your display (i.e. run gnuplot with output to the client display).

What I would really like to have are three-dimensional graphs of latitude, longitude and elevation. This is one of the reasons I switched to gnuplot. However, the prospect of gathering this information from topo maps is daunting. One thing I am considering is looking into the wealth of data available from the USGS in particular the US GeoData currently available by FTP. Combining that with current GIS software offers interesting opportunities for wasting enormous amounts of time.

Of course, what I really want is an Avocet 1000000 cyclometer with builtin GPS that will automatically sample and relay the data back to my workstation...

Mike Hibler <>