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Re: [csmith-dev] Floating-point support in csmith

I guess the real question is whether Jacek's extension is something that is generally useful to a large fraction of Csmith users. If so, then taking on a big dependency would be worth it, otherwise not. If we can make the boost dependency optional and the code isn't too invasive then of course we can have the best of both worlds.

In general the conflict here is between research software, which tends to accumulate a lot of bits and pieces and weirdnesses, and production software that we try to keep streamlined and clean. As an example of the latter, if anyone has installed Redis, you've seen what an exceptionally clean piece of production-grade open source software looks like: you just download it and type "make" and this always works.

Ally and Jacek, I wonder if you could comment a bit on the general usefulness of this extension? Has it been working well for you and is it something that a lot of Csmith users would appreciate?

Overall I think that moving Csmith forward to attack new domains like FP and C++ is what we should be doing, but we don't want to make Csmith a pain for existing users.

Offtopic, it would be great if we could get C++ generation fixed. Csmith in C++ mode is fairly often not compilable C++98 and is very often not compilable C++11. And while Csmith may never generate things like class hierarchies, it could easily be extended to generate some parts of C++.