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Re: [gits] Git woes

	Leigh> git stash 
	Leigh> git checkout master 
	Leigh> git fetch central 
	Leigh> git rebase central/master 
	Leigh> git checkout imageversion 
	Leigh> git rebase central/master 

	Eric> The last two commands would rebase your local imageversion branch
	Eric> onto central/master. That would lead to the situation I described
	Eric> in my previous email, where your local imageversion branch and
	Eric> the central/imageversion branch have no commits in common. And
	Eric> that would lead to the symptom you described, where you are
	Eric> unable to push your local imageversion branch to central:

	Leigh> According to the workflow document we have on the wiki, this is
	Leigh> what we have to do to make sure that we are allowed to push our
	Leigh> changes up, since we have some config option that rejects the
	Leigh> push if we do not, and it is what I have been doing for the last
	Leigh> couple of years. In fact, I have never done what you suggest!

I think I see the part of the GitWorkflow document that you're referring to.
(It's "Applying Upstream Changes to Topic Branches," right?)

The instructions there aren't correct when the topic branch you are working on
is not just local.  The instructions say this:

	git checkout mybranch
	git fetch central
	git stash # if you have uncommitted changes
-->	git rebase central/master
	git stash pop # if you used stash above

The marked line is a terrible idea when your topic branch is tracking a topic
branch in central --- as in this case!

I think that we probably should update the GitWorkflow document, now that we
have a bit more git experience.

But anyway... I'd still be happy to avoid report-writing by examining a copy of
your local repo, to see if I can figure out the commands that are needed to get
you back in business on the imageversion branch.


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