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Re: [gits] Git woes

> > git stash 
>> git checkout master 
>> git fetch central 
>> git rebase central/master 
>> git checkout imageversion 
>> git rebase central/master 
> The last two commands would rebase your local imageversion branch onto 
> central/master. That would lead to the situation I described in my previous 
> email, where your local imageversion branch and the central/imageversion branch 
> have no commits in common. And that would lead to the symptom you described, 
> where you are unable to push your local imageversion branch to central: 

According to the workflow document we have on the wiki, this is what
we have to do to make sure that we are allowed to push our changes
up, since we have some config option that rejects the push if we do
not, and it is what I have been doing for the last couple of years. In
fact, I have never done what you suggest!