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Re: [gits] Git woes

Leigh Stoller <lbstoller@gmail.com> writes:

> So this is a branch that I just rebased from central/master. I pushed 
> up fine a couple of days ago and I have not done anything to it
> since then. Anyone have a clue?

If I understand correctly, you rebased your local "imageversion" branch.

This means that your local "imageversion" branch and the central "imageversion"
branch are very different!  Something like this:

       O-----O-----O-----O-----O-----O-----O master
              \                       \
               O                       O
                \                       \
                 O                       O
                  central/                imageversion

So although the two branches may "look similar," to git, they are quite

"git push central imageversion" fails because git has no way to add commits to
central/imageversion to make it "catch up" to your imageversion branch.

My suggestion would be that you un-rebase your imageversion branch.  This is a
little tricky :-(, because you have to dig up commits that are not referenced
by any branch.  But StackOverflow suggests...


Sounds easy enough:

	git checkout imageversion
	git reflog

	# Find the commit that was the tip of your imageversion branch before
	# you did the rebase

        git reset --hard ...

Before attempting this surgery, I would be tempted to copy my local repo and
operate on that copy, so that I can make sure that I'm doing the right thing!
Then once I've got it down, I either redo the steps on my "real" local repo, or
I make the copy be my real local repo.

The upshot is that you shouldn't rebase a branch that is racking a branch from

Instead, if you want to incorporate changes into a shared topic branch, you
should just merge from master (or central/master if that is different):

	git checkout imageversion
	git merge master


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