This HTML version of my thesis was mostly generated from the latex source. It does not conform to the thesis formatting guidelines. In fact, it isn't even formatted very well in any respect. But, the content is identical to the PostScript version.

1 Introduction
   1.1 An Alta sandbox
   1.2 Roadmap
2 Background
   2.1 Java
   2.2 The Fluke nested process model
3 Design of Alta
   3.1 Overview of the nested process model in Alta
   3.2 The nested process model in Alta
   3.3 Conclusion
4 Implementation and Analysis of Alta
   4.1 Implementation
   4.2 Using Alta
   4.3 Performance evaluation
   4.4 Comparison with Fluke
   4.5 Conclusion
5 Future Work
   5.1 Resource accounting and garbage collection
   5.2 A formal analysis of the Alta type system
   5.3 Static class maps
   5.4 Reference revocation
   5.5 Integration of Fluke and Alta
   5.6 Alta applications
6 Related Work
   6.1 Related Java work
   6.2 Related work in operating systems
7 Conclusion
A Low-level Nested Process Model API in Alta
B IPCIF : Alta IPC-based interfaces
   B.1 Parent interface
   B.2 Service map interface
   B.3 MemPool interface
   B.4 File system interface
   B.5 File I/O interface
   B.6 Network I/O interface