Leigh Bradbury Stoller

Senior Systems Programmer
School of Computing
University of Utah
stoller@flux.utah.edu (PGP Public Key)

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Home Address:
Willamette Valley, Oregon
Work Address:
School of Computing
50 Central Campus Drive Rm. 3190
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-9205

Research Interests

I currently work as a staff programmer for the Flux research group on the Emulab.Net project. My main research interests are contemporary operating system design and implementation. I also dabble in hi-speed networking (hardware and protocols). In the past I was involved with the Mach 3.0 project on HP700 workstations and Intel PCs. Before that I worked on the BSD 4.3 kernel on the HP700 and HP300 architectures. Before that I worked on Lisp compilers and runtime systems (Utah Common Lisp, Portable Standard Lisp) on various architectures.
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I am currently located in Corvallis, Oregon. Send me email if you want to know my address. I am still working for the Flux group, so if you need to contact me, feel free to send me email or call me at home if its a reasonable hour (please remember it is 1 hour earlier in Oregon). Here are my planned absences.
Here is the family!
In Memory of Acer A picture from Desert Anarchy 96 is here. My favorite Party Activity is here.

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Renee and I are are building a new home. Wander through our photo gallery!
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