Acer's Home Page

Born: Apr 28, 1997
Died: Feb 26, 1999
"Fair thee well my rambling boy, may all your rambling bring you joy"

Acer (aka PoohBear) was our Golden Retriever. He lived just two short years. He was a wonderful companion and a very sweet dog who wanted just a few things out of life: Love, food, to be with us all the time, more food and love, to jump on the bed with us after we were too asleep to care anymore, any and all socks, a good sneaker, even more food and love, a good pinecone to carry in his mouth, a kitchen towel to shred, oak leaves and ball moss (food substitutes), to play keep-away with a tennis ball or a stick, and lastly, food and love.

In addition to the pictures on this page, we have many other wonderful photos of Acer. For instance, when he was a little puppy, Acer was a very cute fuzzball. Later, he became a master of the poker face. We certainly spoiled Acer by buying him tons of toys to play with. Lastly, some private moments from Acer's life.

Read about his last day with us.

See our newly adopted Golden Retrievers Torrey! and Miss Maple.

Our favorite trick was having Acer balance things on the end of his nose! Yep, thats a biscuit, and he is totally focused on it!

Here we are during Christmas 1998.

Here are several more pictures of Acer.

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