Acer's Last Day

As many of you know, Acer developed Epilepsy when he was a little over one year old. We fought it for the next 8 months of his life, and in his last month he really deteriorated, having numerous seizures on a weekly basis. Then on the morning of Feburary 25, he started having seizures, and by evening he was no longer able to walk on his own. We gave him some valium, hoping that a good night sleep would help to decrease the seizure effect. The following morning he was able to walk again, but right after breakfast he had another seizure, and never got back up on his own feet. We carried him inside, and Renee sat with him for about 3 hours. He was completely alert, but no longer able to control his body. Not being able to do his normal stuff made him very confused and upset at first, but after a while he settled down and just lied quietly with Renee until the Vet arrived. Dr. Wellborne was in complete agreement with us. He gave Acer the injection, and Acer was gone just a few seconds later.

We took Acer up to the eco-area where Renee does research. It is several hundred acres of fenced in preserve that the University of South Florida keeps for biological research. We used to take Acer up there and let him run around off-lead. We found a spot in some pine trees that looked nice, and buried him along with his toys and blanket. We piled about 50 pine-cones on top of his grave, since that was his favorite thing to fetch and munch on when we took him up there.

We had known for the last month that this was inevitable. All of the medical options had been tried; Acer did not respond to any of the classical drug treatments for Epilepsy, and Dr. Wellborne was of the opinion that Acer would never be seizure-free. But, we also knew that we could not do it until he reached a point like he did that morning. It was just too sad to watch anymore. It was a long hard road to that point, and the two of us were total basket cases through the weekend. We are getting better, but the house is incredibly empty now.

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