Leigh and Renee's New Home

January 21, 2000 (Moving in Day!)
Look at the latest pictures (02/03/00) of inside the house.

Our new home is located on Lot 28 in the Grand Oaks Develpment in Corvallis, Oregon. It is two stories tall. Here is the first floor plan, and here is the second floor plan. We also put a couple of pictures together into a panoramic view of our lot and the view down the hill before the house was started. The builders broke ground on August 6, so we created a slideshow of progress on the house. Check out some pictures of progress inside the house. Here is a not so good image of our paint, tile, etc. choices. We moved in on January 21st, right on time! And so far, we are loving it. We still have the backyard to work on, but the deck is pretty much done; we took some pictures of the deck construction project too!

Some of the highlights of our new house are:

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