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Re: [csmith-dev] c++11

"Arthur O'Dwyer" <arthur.j.odwyer@gmail.com> writes:

> My two cents is: C++11 is not an untested or uncertainty-fraught language (not
> like C99 was ten years ago, for example). However, introducing C++11'isms into
> your codebase will probably limit its audience. [...]

Thank you for your response!  A quick note about this bit:

> However, a good and harmless first step could be to add a USE_CXX11 Makefile
> flag that adds "-std=c++11" to the gcc command line.

This can be achived in the Autoconf-usual way:

  CXXFLAGS="-std=c++11" configure

(For the sake of clarity, I'm abbreviating what one would actually do, but I
hope that people get the gist.  In practice, people would want to add other
flags to the string as well.)


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