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Re: [csmith-dev] c++11

John Regehr <regehr@cs.utah.edu> writes:

> Hi folks, is there a reason we shouldn't start allowing C++11 in Csmith?
> Recent versions of GCC, Clang, and MSVC++ appear to support every C++11
> feature we might conceivably want.

I think that using C++11 features in Csmith would probably be OK, but I don't
have a strong opinion about this.

I suppose that a main reason not to do it would be if somebody wanted to fuzz
on older platforms, where newer versions of GCC/Clang/... are not readily
available.  They would either need to

  (1) install a compiler for building Csmith, which is tedious but perhaps not
  terrible, and we might expect that people who use Csmith are able to do this
  sort of thing; or

  (2) keep using the current version of Csmith, which doesn't require C++11.

Surely, somebody *is* fuzzing on older platforms, but the two alternatives
above don't seem like reasons that Csmith couldn't "graduate" to C++11, if we
want it to.  The world moves on, eh?


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