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Re: [csmith-dev] int8_t usage

On 28/09/11 06:41, John Regehr wrote:
Returning to a conversation from some weeks ago....

On 09/09/2011 12:45 AM, Arthur O'Dwyer wrote:

FYI, nope, it's only required that int be *at least as large* as
signed char. I remember this from my comp.lang.c days. ;) This can
cause huge problems with code that reads binary files, since you can
no longer distinguish EOF from a valid 'char' value, but hey, that's
why feof() exists.

In C99, INT_MAX cannot be less than 32767.

I get this from § of n1256.pdf.

Perhaps it is ANSI C that permits int to be as small as a char?

You're absolutely right.
I know your reply was for Arthur but just to note once again that this fact doesn't influence the fact that a 16bit char, 16 bit int arch without an int8_t (generated by CSmith) is C99 compliant.

I still think int8_t should be either removed or replaced by int_least8_t.

Paulo Matos

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