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Re: [csmith-dev] How to generate fixed size program using Csmith

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your excellent answer and good advice. Yes, I don't require
the range to be very narrow, between 90K and 110K is ok.

Best Regards,
Eric Eide <eeide@cs.utah.edu> 于2018年11月6日周二 下午11:34写道:
> shijun zhao <zqyzsj@gmail.com> writes:
> > Is there any way for Csmith to generate programs whose size (or the
> > lines of code) can be specified? Thanks.
> Hi!  No, there is no option that sets the exact size of the generated program.
> There are options that influence the possible (maximum) size of the generated
> programs.  These include:
>   --max-block-depth
>   --max-block-size
>   --max-expr-complexity
>   --max-funcs
> If you set these values higher, the generated programs can be bigger.
> The easiest way to generate programs in a particular size range is simply to
> generate a lot of programs and discard the ones that don't fall into the size
> range you want.
> Warning: If you have a very narrow range, you might have to run Csmith many,
> many times to get the total number of programs that you want!  My advice is to
> not make your ranges too narrow.  "Exactly 100K" is bad; "between 90K and 110K"
> is better.
> Happy hacking! ---
> Eric.
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