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[csmith-dev] a few things

I just built csmith for the first time in a while and noticed a few things we should fix:

1. When doing an out-of-tree build, some of our header files (the generated ones) go in build/runtime whereas others stay in src/runtime. We should consolidate those in one place, most likely by copying the non-generated ones from src/runtime to build/runtime as part of the build process.

2. We are avoiding right-shift of signed integers that are negative. This is implementation defined, not undefined, we should relax this restriction.

3. I had forgotten about safe_math_macros.m4 and safe_math_macros_notmp.m4, I'd like to remove them as I doubt they are used anywhere.

4. There are a few glitches in -DCSMITH_MINIMAL that I'll fix, I use this because it produces output that is suitable for tis-interpreter.

Once these are fixed we should do a release. Eric can you put #1 on your list and I'll take care of the rest?