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Re: [creduce-dev] C-Vise project introduction

On 4/23/20 9:26 PM, John Regehr wrote:
Hi Martin, this looks great.

and when he announced a final comparable port (2 years ago) there was still no feedback.

This isn't quite right, we did discuss this with Moritz. Our reservations about adopting the big patch centered around a few missing features in it, a question about who would maintain the Python code moving forward, and also our reluctance to take on a Python code base when none of us actively writes much Python.


I fully understand that, it would be a potential risk for the project.

We hope you'll continue to contribute changes back to clang_delta, it would be a shame for that utility to be meaningfully forked.

Yes. I'm not planning to do any active development on the tool. I also took couple of pull active
requests from creduce that enhance clang_delta a bit.

In the future, we could perhaps look into splitting clang_delta out into its own repository, if that makes it easier to share the maintenance burden and avoid forking it.

Sounds like a good idea for the future.


P.S. Thank you for the Twitter post announcement!

(This reply is just from me-- perhaps Eric and Yang will want to chime in separately.)