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Re: [creduce-dev] [RFC] Switching from Perl to Python

On 1/16/18 6:49 PM, Moritz Pflanzer wrote:
Hi Martin,

I'm afraid that project slipped a bit. I was almost done with porting the existing functionality but then I had to focus on some other things.
But if there is still interest in this project, also mainly from John and Eric, I could pick it up again. Currently I have again some more time that I could spend on finishing the rework in Python and also offer support at least during the transition period.

Let me know what you think.



Another more than 2 years are over and I see the upstream project is not in good shape.
Last release was done more than year ago and since that the current master can't be built
with any of latest LLVM releases (9 and 10) (#193 and #203). And I feel that many of pull
request are stuck as well (including my #197).

That said, I'm willing to work on the project. Note that I'm GCC developer
and I've used creduce maybe one thousand times. It's my essential daily tool.

I would like to see the Python transition to happen. It's written in language that
has broader community and for me is the current Perl a blocker to work on the project.

Today I've rebased Moritz python branch, I included fixes for LLVM 9 and made a basic
documentation clean up (Perl reference removal). I've tested the python version for
a real reduction and it works just fine! You can test it:

There's a reasonable small list of missing items:
- pass_line_markers and pass_ifs are not ported - they are simple and I can work on that
- configure script is still related to Perl - I'm suggesting to remove it and use only cmake?
- Python tests are not integrated in CMakeFile

Is there still interest from the community to port to Python?
Are you Moritz willing to help me with finalization of the transition?

Thank you,

On 2 Jan 2018, at 13:48, Martin Liška <mliska@suse.cz> wrote:


I've working on GCC as a develop, creduce is my daily tool and I'm really grateful we've got such a tool.
I'm also responsible for packaging of the project in openSUSE. And time to time I see some warnings/errors
in the tool. To be honest, I don't like Perl much, so I always bail out any debugging of the tool.

I would be happy to see the tool re-written in Python and I'm curious about any progress update
of the migration. From I've read in this discussion, the transition is very close.

Thank you,