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Re: [creduce-dev] libedit-dev not listed in INSTALL file

Interesting.  I get this:

regehr@regehr-M51AC:~$ llvm-config --system-libs
-lz -lpthread -ledit -ltinfo -ldl -lm
regehr@regehr-M51AC:~$ cat /etc/issue
Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l


On 09/25/2014 12:16 PM, Markus Trippelsdorf wrote:
On 2014.09.25 at 12:07 -0600, John Regehr wrote:
Sounds like we should just add it to the list of deps.  I see that
libedit2 is a dependency for openssh-client, which probably explains why
we have never noticed this problem.

The output of "llvm-config --system-libs" will tell.
On my machine there is no libedit dependency:

  % llvm-config --system-libs
  -lrt -ldl -lcurses -latomic -lpthread -lz

But I usually build the X86 LLVM target only. I guess the Ubuntu package
has a lot more targets enabled.