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[gits] Two Branches, same name

On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 11:58:41PM -0700, Eric Eide wrote:
> 	Gary> http://gitlab.flux.utah.edu/gtw/git/commit/0f00bb48e625bbfe9dc1bd23dc190fc9c5b50656
> You should try to push that up.  Seriously.

I considered it, but there are several flaws with the patch.  I didn't
cover any corner cases (e.g. git checkout --track and/or --no-track will
very likely fail).  The behaviour is hopelessly non-atomic, and the automatic
fetch occurs before attempting branch creation... I suspect that if you
"git checkout -b kaptui kdownie/aptui" and creating local branch kaptui
fails (maybe you already have a branch with that name?), then it will
abort with an error message but still have the side effect of fetching
kdownie/aptui.  Also, the heuristic brings up a network connection to
find out whether using the network connection will do what you want -- when
our remote repository is on our fast local Ethernet anyway, we probably
don't even notice, but it's not hard to imagine cases where this approach
could be very annoying.  And I didn't even attempt to follow their coding
style, or document anything (even the commit message convention is wrong).

So, I refuse to contribute to any software project that would accept
patches like mine!

Bye for now,
       Gary Wong      gtw at flux.utah.edu      http://www.cs.utah.edu/~gtw/