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[gits] Two Branches, same name

	Gary> How about just:
	Gary>     $ git remote add kdownie git-public.flux.utah.edu:...
	Gary>     $ git checkout --orphan kaptui
	Gary>     $ git pull kdownie aptui

Erk.  I'm not sure I understand this; I guess an experiment is in order.
(So far I only looked at the man page for the --orphan option.)

Even if you clear the index after running the checkout --- "git rm -rf ." ---
you would still end up in a state where the local kaptui branch isn't tracking
Keith's aptui branch.  Yes?

Maybe that's not a problem if Keith's commits are ready to be pushed up.
(But if they aren't, and Leigh were to ask Keith to make some fixes, then it
might be conveneint for the local kaptui to track Keith's aptui.)



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