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Re: [csmith-dev] a few things

Shubham Narlawar <gsocshubham@gmail.com> writes:

> We have implemented following gcc c extensions in csmith.  [...]  Is it
> possible to take consideration of these implemented extensions in csmith next
> release?

These additions look interesting and substantial!

I have not looked at the implementation of these extensions yet.  I expect that
John Regehr or I might have some questions, or suggestions for changes, before
we would incorporate your extensions into the main Csmith repository.  For John
and me, the issue will be finding the time to review the changes.

I can't promise a timeline, but in general, I think that your extensions sound
interesting and we should work toward incorporating them into Csmith.

I will make a GitHub issue to remind John and me about this (unless you have
already done that?).

Thanks! ---


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