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[csmith-dev] Windows "Runtime" (Re: New CMake-Based Build System)

Xuejun Yang <nitsnow@gmail.com> writes:

> The fixed is pushed. But there are still problems preventing the generated
> .vcxproj from building in Visual Studio. That's because of the random
> generator functions such as srand48 (which is defined in
> runtime\windows\sran48.c). We should include these files in the windows
> project.

Xuejun and John: can you remind me, is there a reason for these files to be in
the `runtime' directory, not `src'?


I dug up the history of these files in the SVN logs (they haven't been modified
since we moved to git!).  It looks like I moved them into `runtime', from
`src', along with the rest of the "generated-program runtime files."

But unless I am overlooking something, we only need to use these files when
building Csmith itself.  There is no code-generation option that would cause a
generated program to need to link with these files, is there?

I see that `windows/stdint.h' needs to stay as part of the runtime, though.
(And indeed, we don't need it to build Csmith.)

Thanks ---


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