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Re: [csmith-dev] c++11

Hi Ally, as you say it would be great if our problem was generating C++98 vs. C++11, instead of C++ at all!

Regarding the issue of the Csmith code base, if we have active users who use compilers that can't handle C++11 then I'm fine (for now) with keeping C++11 out.


On 4/4/16 7:49 AM, Alastair Donaldson wrote:
I did indeed misunderstand - I thought John was referring to having
Csmith generate C++ programs that use bits of C++11 (which would be
cool, but I suppose lifting Csmith to C++ at all is quite some work).

So indeed, what I said about flags does not apply at all ;-)



On 04/04/2016 00:16, Eric Eide wrote:
Alastair Donaldson <alastair.donaldson@imperial.ac.uk> writes:

I can't think of a reason, though of course it would likely make
sense for
such features to be controllable via flags.
I think that John meant "write Csmith in C++11."  I don't think we'd
want to
control that with compiler options, since it would mean writing many
twice, which would drastically reduce the benefit :-).

Or maybe I misunderstood what you were saying w.r.t. flags?

Thanks ---