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Re: [csmith-dev] Pull request for "float-test" additions to Csmith

On 16/09/2015 15:09, Eric Eide wrote:
Alastair Donaldson <alastair.donaldson@imperial.ac.uk> writes:

A user of Csmith only needs to compile this adapter library if he/she wishes
to use our new functionality.  At present, the adapter library is built by
default; this is likely undesirable as it requires Boost, which is
non-standard.  We'd appreciate advice on how to structure the build system so
that the building the adapter library can be made optional.
 From your explanation, it sounds to me that building the library should be
controlled by a configure-time "--with-blah" option.  Does that sound right?

Yes, that sounds right.

If you agree, then that's something that I could potentially help with.

That would be great, if you are willing - it's not something I have experience doing.