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[csmith-dev] Pull request for "float-test" additions to Csmith

Hi all

Jacek Burys has submitted a pull request to Csmith, to contribute the modifications he has made to better support floating-point program generation, and to allow a mode in which floating point data is tracked using intervals.

Would someone be willing to review these changes and additions, and comment on anything that needs to be done to have them merged with Csmith (assuming you think it would be appropriate for them to be merged)?

One issue we are aware of: the interface to the interval tracking functionality is provided by "float_test.h"; this declares an interval structure and provides prototypes for interval operations. Jacek has then implemented an adapter library which delegates interval arithmetic to the Boost libraries. A user of Csmith only needs to compile this adapter library if he/she wishes to use our new functionality. At present, the adapter library is built by default; this is likely undesirable as it requires Boost, which is non-standard. We'd appreciate advice on how to structure the build system so that the building the adapter library can be made optional.