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Re: [csmith-dev] Checksum, different options

On 12/09/11 16:10, John Regehr wrote:
Hi Paulo,

Pascal's suggestions are all excellent.

The problem that you now face is testcase reduction. You can approach
this by hand (and I recommend that you do this for the first few bugs)
but there are also partially automated solutions:


Thanks for the suggestion, John! I am already using delta.

The key is that you need to run a tool like Pascal's or Chucky's inside
the Delta test script. Otherwise, undefined behavior is almost always
added by Delta.

The Delta test scripts that I personally use have gotten pretty baroque,
unfortunately. They look for a lot of compiler warnings, run Valgrind,
and as a last resort run a more expensive tool like KCC/Frama-C.

However, I am not using KCC or Frama-C, or valgrind.
My delta script just checks in the compiler succeds to compile and executable returns the expected checksums.

The reason why I asked Pascal about using Frama-C was exactly with the intent to integrate it into my test case reduction scripts.



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