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Re: [csmith-dev] Zero Checksum

On 02/09/11 15:43, Eric Eide wrote:

I don't agree that a checksum algorithm that sometimes outputs zero is bad.
Especially when it is asked to checksum no data.

I agree that it's not bad per se, however, if a lot of the generated have zero checksum it's quite a waste of time it seems. Either way, I above all wanted to let everyone know about it and get a confirmation that's not a bug.

	Paulo>  Also, I would expect the checksum to be always of the format:
	Paulo>  checksum = [A-F0-9]{4}
	Paulo>  Any other format hints at a bug. So if this checksum is indeed
	Paulo>  zero. Can you please output it as
	Paulo>  checksum = 0000
	Paulo>  ?

Why do expect that the checksum would be output as a four-digit hex value?
Would doing this make it easier for some other tool to parse or store or...?

I don't agree that outputting the checksum in base 10 hints at a bug.  It may
be less convenient for some application, but I'm not sure what application you
might have in mind.

I didn't mean base 10. I meant that the output could always have the same amount of digits. It was however just a request.


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