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[csmith-dev] Zero Checksum


I am slightly concerned with this example:
$ csmith -v
csmith 2.1.0
Git version: e65d3c7
$ csmith -s 791373680 --no-argc --no-math64 --no-longlong --checksum > test.c
$ gcc -o test -I../../../../local/csmith-runtime/ test.c
$ ./test
checksum = 0

I have seen a couple of seeds with a checksum result equal to zero.
This creates some concern about it. Either the checksum is indeed zero and it is a bad checksum algorithm, or it is not the checksum and there's a bug somewhere which might be multiplying the checksum by zero.

Also, I would expect the checksum to be always of the format:
checksum = [A-F0-9]{4}

Any other format hints at a bug. So if this checksum is indeed zero. Can you please output it as
checksum = 0000



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