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[csmith-dev] 0-width named bitfield


As far as I know 0-width named bitfields are not allowed, but they are being generated by
 * Generator: csmith 2.1.0
 * Git version: 60de822
 * Options:   --no-checksum --no-argc
 * Seed:      662099352

struct S0 {
   signed f0 : _CSMITH_BITFIELD(46);
   unsigned f1 : _CSMITH_BITFIELD(26);
   signed f2 : _CSMITH_BITFIELD(12);
   signed f3 : _CSMITH_BITFIELD(16);
   const signed f4 : _CSMITH_BITFIELD(26);
   volatile signed f5 : _CSMITH_BITFIELD(32);
   volatile unsigned f6 : _CSMITH_BITFIELD(62);

f5 is a zero width bitfield. After preprocessing:
volatile signed f5 : (((32)>(sizeof(int)*16))?((32)%(sizeof(int)*16)):(32));

sizeof(int) for our arch is 1.

Paulo Matos

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