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Re: [csmith-dev] Char pointers in Unions

Hi Tomyo,


Pointer types other than char* are supported as union fields also. They just have a lower chance than char*. The reason I give more chance to char* is we want to do something eventually not in current Csmith yet:


union U0


char* p1;

int* p2;

} u;


int i = 0xffff;

u.p2 = &i;

*(u.p1 + 1) = 2;


With this we achieve implicit pointer conversion and we are able to modify only part of the integer. Supposedly this will make the random programs more interesting.





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I have a question about unions generation in Csmith.

Is there a particular reason for generating only char pointers as a union field?  Is that correct? Why arent you considering having any other kind of pointers?


Tomyo Maeshiro