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Re: [csmith-dev] Used CSmith on my compilers

"David" == David Lindauer <camille@bluegrass.net> writes:

	David> Well I have two WIN32 C compilers I work on, one is an older one
	David> I worked on for years (non optimizing) and the other is an
	David> optimizing compiler I recently finished.  So when a friend sent
	David> me a link to CSmith I started comparing the results from
	David> cmsith-generated programs between the two compilers...
	David> I am happy to say after running CSmith to generate code over a
	David> period of a couple of weekends I took out a bunch of low hanging
	David> fruit in both compilers, [...]
	David> Thanks for CSmith, it is very useful!

You are very welcome!  We are very glad that Csmith is useful to you.  Thank
you for letting us know about your experience.


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