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[csmith-dev] Used CSmith on my compilers

hi all,

Well I have two WIN32 C compilers I work on, one is an older one I worked on for years (non optimizing) and the other is an optimizing compiler I recently finished. So when a friend sent me a link to CSmith I started comparing the results from cmsith-generated programs between the two compilers...

I am happy to say after running CSmith to generate code over a period of a couple of weekends I took out a bunch of low hanging fruit in both compilers, there were a lot of long long issues in the older compiler and some crash issues in both compilers. some of the generated code found one or two esoteric parsing-related problems as well... and there was one problem where the checksums generated by the two compilers differed and I had a runtime issue to track down.

the compilers are located at the link below if you are interested in reading about them. The older compiler is 'CC386' and the optimizing one is 'Orange C'.


Thanks for CSmith, it is very useful!