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Re: [creduce-dev] Thanks letter

Hi Tony!

(1) We could add a option to let the user set how long the program is expected to run at most, once that time passed, creduce can kill the process and treat it as one failed reduce and just continue try something else. The reason we need this is that sometimes after reducing the program goes into infinite loop, and creduce never ends, I have to kill it and rewrite the script and kill the running step after certain amount of time (using time out) to tell creduce this is a failed reducing. This is something we can include into the tool, so as to make the user write simpler invoke script.

This option exists, it is called "--timeout". Please see the output of "creduce --help".

(2) Another thing is more general. According to my experience, this tool doesn't do every well when the source code has templates in it. I know it is called 'C' reduce, not for C++, but since it can be used for reducing C++ as well. We might try to do some improvement in C++ templates handling to make the tools even better.

Yes, we have already put quite a bit of work into this, but much work remains. We don't have much time for this work these days, but would welcome patches that make C-Reduce better at eliminating template codes.