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Re: [creduce-dev] C-Reduce Script for an OpenGL program

> If you're running creduce on a single .c file that contains your whole
> program, are you sure creduce won't change the code in such a way that
> the window doesn't get created with the string you're passing it? You
> might be able to confirm by inspecting the runaway processes.

> Try running ./a.out itself with 'timeout'? I see you're using it for
> the xdotool search.

Thanks Vegard. Adding a timeout of 3s to ./a.out did seem to go well. I gave
it about 4 or 5 days, but eventually lost patience after a day or so of
"pass_lines". (The preprocessed cpp file was 302211 lines btw.)

There were still some interestingness timeouts, which I don't understand, but
it was really taking too long, so I just stopped it. I was still only running this as
a test - my plan was to run it one more time, but I would need to improve the
speed of the script, and eliminate the interestingness timeouts.

Is it possible to save each cpp file (and exe) which produces an interestingness

(66.4 %, 2996170 bytes)
(Interestingness test killed by timeout at 300 seconds.)
===< pass_lines :: 1 >===
===< pass_lines :: 2 >===
(Interestingness test killed by timeout at 300 seconds.)
===< pass_lines :: 3 >===
===< pass_lines :: 4 >===
===< pass_lines :: 6 >===
(Interestingness test killed by timeout at 300 seconds.)
===< pass_lines :: 8 >===

> You can also put a 'kill -9 %1' or something for good measure after
> you've done the xdotool windowkill.

> Vegard


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