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Re: [creduce-dev] libedit-dev not listed in INSTALL file

Julien Cretin <creduce@ia0.eu> writes:

> From llvm-config --system-libs (-lz -lpthread -ledit -ltinfo -ldl -lm) I need
> libedit.so and libtinfo.so. These symlinks are provided by the *-dev packages
> only. So I would replace the "apt-get install libedit2 libtinfo5" in the
> commit by "apt-get install libedit-dev" (libtinfo-dev is a dependence of
> libedit-dev).

I updated the command, but I left libtinfo-dev explicit, because I think it
makes the command more obvious in the context of the paragraph.  (Lest I be
tempted to explain that there is a dependency, and that's why libtinfo-dev is



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