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Re: [creduce-dev] C-Reduce Release

On 2014.05.28 at 07:30 -0600, Eric Eide wrote:
> A while ago I volunteered to roll a new C-Reduce release.  Well, the time has
> come for me to do it.
> I will check my to-do's, but a quick glance doesn't show any serious pending
> changes that I know about.  So my plan will be just to do a documentation and
> packaging review, make sure that it builds and runs on an ad hoc variety of
> machines, and then stamp a release.
> Let me know.

There are two issues, that I would like to be fixed.

1) Delete garbage on exit. John said he would look into this, quote:
  - create a directory under /tmp when C-Reduce starts up
  - set a couple of common environment variables such as TMP and TMPDIR
    to point to this dir, hoping that all of the tools we care about
    will respect one of these
  - nuke this dir upon exit

2) Abort when the size of a testcase reaches 0 bytes.
   This can happen when reducing big -flto testcases with multiple
   preprocessed input files. Right now creduce keeps creating new files
   in /tmp in a tight loop until one hits Ctrl-c.