Skating the spillway at Elephant Butte Dam

Photo taken by Jesse Atencio (circa 1979) at Elephant Butte Dam near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. See this quicktime movie (converted from 8mm video) of me at the dam from the same time period. This is one of many humorous (now) movies at Jay's Quicktime Skateboard Video page.

This picture of the Elephant Butte Dam and power plant shows where the spillway tunnels are (lower lefthand corner). The bottom-most of the three is the one we rode as I recall (though obviously when the lake was a lot lower and there was no water coming through the pipes!)

Skateboard park in El Paso

Don't remember the name of the place. We used to go down there once in awhile, though there was a better park across town. Note the pool coping set on top of the bank. It was supposed to give the thrill of pool riding (Yeah, right...) Note also the spot above my right hand. No, it is not a UFO, just an imperfection in the film. Photo again probably taken by Jay, May 1978.
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