Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Yes, it really exists!

...and yes it was named after the radio (and later TV) show. With a population of around 5000 people, its primary industry is tourism, primarily because of its warm climate, natural hot springs, and close proximity to Elephant Butte Reservoir. It is commonly referred to (and written) as ``T. or C.'' pronounced tee-or-see.

Unofficial History I remember it. In 1950, the show made an offer that, if any town changed their name to ``Truth or Consequences'', they would go to that town and do a live broadcast of their show. Hot Springs, New Mexico voted to do it and they came and did the show. Ralph Edwards, the producer of the show, liked the town so much that he made it an annual event. So every year he would bring various Hollywood semi-stars with him and have a ``Fiesta'' which includes a parade and a live stage show.

This was a big event in New Mexico up through the 70s. I think it began to loose steam in the 80s but as far as I know, it still happens every year.

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