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[gits] Git Workflow

	Dan> I made a copy of the 'not to push' directories for reference,
	Dan> then:

	Dan> git rm -r nodetest nodetest_MFS
	Dan> git commit -m "remove old prof of concept directories"
	Dan> git push
	Dan> git fetch central
	Dan> git rebase central/master
	Dan> git push -f origin master
	Dan> git push central master
	Dan> git pull central master

Of course, this recipe pushes the directories and their removal.  As I wrote in
previous email, this is not quite the same as not pushing the directories at
all.  Whether or not either way is "right" completely depends on what you were
trying to achieve.

[Rest of this message is only useful to Emulab hackers.]

	Dan> I don't understand what the "git push -f origin master" is adding
	Dan> to the process.

This forces your public Emulab repository to accept your new definition of what
"master" means.  (You rebased "master" in you local repository; this means that
your public repo can't update its idea of what "master" means by


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