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[gits] Git question about local version diffs

You can list the commit hashes with 'git log', then use them, or a
relative reference to them (e.g. 'HEAD~2') to provide to 'git diff'
like so:

git diff <commit_hash> origin/master   # assuming you are working on
the master branch


git diff HEAD~2 origin/master

On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 11:50 AM, Dan Reading <dreading at flux.utah.edu> wrote:
> How do I get a list of my local commits and display diffs.
> For example if I do a 'get status' it says that I'm 4 commits ahead of
> the master ( I have not done a 'git push' ).
> I would like select two of the commits and see the diffs of the files.
> Thanks,
> Dan